You Are Beautiful

Image of a puppy

Hey You!
Yes, You!
Has anyone told you lately
how beautiful you are
how the light shines
just so through your eyes
how your smile
lights up the room
how your presence
makes us feel safe
like everything 
is going to be okay
You are perfect
just the way you are
you don't need some
new beauty regimen
or a big exercise program
you just need to be you
love yourself
like you love others
put down the hammer
and pick up the feather
gently stroke your cheek
softness, it opens more doors
than all this clanging and banging
Simply be your beautiful
shining self
Say yes!
That's right
let the tears fall
let your shoulders relax
let go of the battle
and surrender
into this moment
right here
right now
and love.

Photo credit: Jason Williard (1983-2016)