Take a break

Some days it is simply time to take a rest. I have long been driven to accomplish something everyday and I find it difficult to just stop. I used to work for a large credit union in their mortgage department. Things were very stressful for a long period of time and I had two ways of de-stressing. Most days I would leave my desk, walk downstairs, get a snack and read the business section of the paper for ten minutes. Many people would not see reading the business section as relaxing, but it worked for me.

Learn about something new

We have recently started building an aquaponics system. There is nothing like a new project to start the mental juices flowing. We're learning about water quality, raising fish, maintaining nutrient levels for plants... you name it, the list goes on. Fortunately, we found a great resource in the aquaponics forum at Backyard Aquaponics. The people there are great at providing whatever knowledge they have.

Letting go

I quit a job today. It wasn't your ordinary job. I actually worked for two different companies, one each owned by a father and son. One company I get paid for and the other is a startup. I finally reached the point I couldn't do it anymore. During the last year, I've compromised my values and given until I have nothing left to give. So, this morning, I quit.

Nothing is ever lost in God

I was recently reminded of an event that happened a number of years ago...

I was a single mom at the time and both my washing machine and my car were broken down. One Sunday we had a guest speaker at church by the name of Barbara King. Reverend King was from Atlanta Georgia, stood well over six feet tall and had a powerful presence. She involved the congregation in her sermon and one of the phrases she had us repeat was, "Nothing is ever lost in God."


I've chosen to get healthy this year along with the help of some family members. What I didn't expect was a new spurt of personal growth to go with it. Maybe its because we are relying on one another for motivation and strength to stick with getting healthy. Maybe its running this website and putting myself on the line. I'm not sure which. All I know is that I'm opening my eyes and seeing some things about myself I don't like. It's a painful process that I haven't gone through in a while.

Balancing relationships and conservation

I am one of those who can become very passionate about saving our planet. It's not so much about being an "environmentalist" as it is about loving nature. I love the feel of a cool breeze on my face as I'm gardening or the site of a bird flitting about my yard. Nature seems to feed my soul and I truly miss it during the part of the year when things are wet and wild in our area of the world.

Where to begin

EcoCircles is about creating sustainable habits in our backyards. But what does it truly mean to be sustainable? As I'm washing dishes, I reflect on the soap I am using and the running water. Or, there's the soap and shampoo I use when I shower. There are so many ways we are connected into a consumer model of society, the choice to be more sustainable seems like an endless battle. So, where do we start.

Team Up

My Mom, daughter and possibly my granddaughter are teaming up to lose weight in 2008. We've setup a Google spreadsheet to track our progress, listed our current weights and committed to a goal for the year. Our plan is to check in with each other weekly and look at our week's loss at that point. Then support one another in any way we can.

The reward... besides increased family communication and fun... we plan to do a spa day at the end if we meet our accumulated goal. Definitely a win-win!