Clearing the mind

Our mind is an incredible tool. It has the capacity to learn and retain knowledge, to facilitate communication and to imagine amazing and wondrous things. It can also create chaos in our relationships, fill us with fear and anxiety and disrupt any possibility of peace in our lives. We can control our minds but few of us do or realize we can. Controlling the mind is the greatest discipline I have found. The first step is to decide what we want to change. If we are having thoughts that are creating fear or discomfort, we can decide we want to think of something else.

Aquaponics system cycling

Cycling is the process of growing enough bacteria in the aquaponics system to support the life of the system. The fish generate ammonia which must be converted to nitrates,a form of nitrogen the plants can use for growth. Bacteria are responsible for that conversion. The bacteria populate linings of the system as well as the grow media in the grow beds. It takes a few days to a few weeks for this process to happen.

A hummingbird good morning

This morning I was in the kitchen standing at the sink when suddenly a hummingbird flew right up the window and stopped in front of me. It stayed for only a moment and then moved on. I smiled and wondered what made that hummingbird stop and say good morning.

Over the last two years, I have added a number of plants to my yard that provide nectar for hummingbirds. But they aren't in bloom. With the cold weather we've had, everything is pretty sorry looking at the moment. I guess I'd have to say, it was simply a thank you for all my efforts.

Aquaponics, building a system

The Journey Begins

Our first step was to dismantle the grow bed we had in the greenhouse and clear out all of the plants. The plants have found a temporary home in our dining room. I dug out the two broccoli plants that were still happily growing in and potted them. They will eventually end up in the new aquaponics system. The huge tomato had to go. There was no easy way to move the tomato but I'm sure it will be replaced by an equally huge one in the new system.

Honor your own value and uniqueness

I was reading through items on Craigslist last night and ran into a painting for sale by Dyrk Godby. That is a fairly unique name and I had to look it up because I went to high school with a Dyrk Godby. Turns out, it was the same guy. I remember him as a great boxer and knew that he had won a middleweight boxing championship. As I read about him, I learned of all the amazing things he has done in his life. He's been a champion rodeo man, a singer and songwriter and a talented painter.