What is Asking to be Created Right Now

Image of a forest trail

Right now
it's a desire to follow a trail
this tiny ribbon 
teasing its way through my brain
leaving breadcrumbs 
along a foreign path
my dreams are changing
how I feel is changing
it seems there is a treasure hunt afoot
except I haven't received the list yet
I'm a horse chomping at the bit
waiting at the starting gate
ready to run my heart out
instead, I wait
I'd like to say patiently
but there's an angst to it
the not knowing
it's starting that thing in my stomach
the one that binds it up in a knot
gripping through from front to back
bringing me back into my body
hard and fast
What is asking to be created?
Patience, surrender, awareness
Watch for the clues
take a step along the pathway
see where it takes you
this isn't a race
it's a journey
to a new way of being
it will be good
though likely not what I expect