Unleash the Wild Within

Fire burning in the fire pit

Writing into the wild one 
hear the crackling
walls falling
popping of old structures
burning to the ground
Long deep throaty hollers
Wild - running free
swirling, oh the swirling
round and round and round
until I fall down laughing
out loud and free
Ha, that's it
the times I feel like getting in a car
and leaving, driving down the road
ending wherever I land
It's the wild one saying
I've had enough
No more of this restrained perfection
Let go of the fucking perfection
I'd write litanies to the poor fools
who think they can control the world
or this very moment in their own lives
Yeah that's me

She walked away
away from the perfection
the controlled rage
She walked away 
from the incomplete love
the fear of showing up
She'd had enough
It no longer worked for her

She stood
on the edge of forever
wind blowing her hair
hands thrown into the air
calling forth the wild
the storms raged overhead
dark clouds roiling 
thunder and lightning
flashing all around

She howled 
the call of the coyote
the call of the wild
calling forth her clan
the clan of the crazy
she spun
in unadulterated delight
sparkles flying from 
her fingertips
she was finally