Trust the Fall

Eagle in flight

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

can you feel it
the crumbling
the disintegration
it's like dots
on the screen of life
are suddenly disorganized
slowly dropping off
into nothingness
it's all over
we just don't know it yet
but it's not an ending
it's a beginning
"they" are fighting hard
trying to control things
trying to hold on
to what we've known
they don't know
there's nothing left to hold on to
because it's all over
the change is here
we are already falling
tumbling away
seemingly into nothingness

But if you turn
spread your arms in flight
aim towards the sun
open your heart wide
you can hear the new song
float on a new world
celebrate the beauty
we are there
we are free
it's all beautiful
we just have to trust