You Are Beautiful

Image of a puppy

Hey You!
Yes, You!
Has anyone told you lately
how beautiful you are
how the light shines
just so through your eyes
how your smile
lights up the room
how your presence
makes us feel safe
like everything 
is going to be okay
You are perfect
just the way you are
you don't need some
new beauty regimen
or a big exercise program
you just need to be you
love yourself
like you love others
put down the hammer
and pick up the feather
gently stroke your cheek

Wild Heart

The Path of Spirit

I have lived a varied spiritual life. Before I started grade school, I lived between my Mom and my maternal grandparents. Once I started grade school, I moved permanently with my mom but we visited my grandparents often. My mother had joined the Catholic church and my grandmother was a Methodist. It depended on where we were and maybe my mood which church I'd go to on a Sunday.

We are one

Remember me
The one as close as your breath
The one who can soothe and
bring those shoulders down from your ears
I will always love you
I will release the tension in your chest
I will help you sleep
when your eyes will not shut
I will heal your heart
if you will let me work my way through it
Sometimes my ways
may seem painful
but the journey
is always worth it in the end
Come, follow me
down the trail of life
down the trail of your beingness


Great Mother

Guide my feet to walk the path you lay down before me
Teach my hands to offer love and healing to whatever I touch
Teach my eyes to see you in all of creation
Guide my ears to hear the songs of nature and the words,
and what is behind the words, of my sisters and brothers
Teach my heart to feel love and not take offense to the words
or actions of others, but to feel the pain underlying such actions
Help my voice to sing my song
Thank you for all the beauty you have placed in my life
Thank you for this day


The Awakening of a Nation

We watched the movie, Talk to Me, last evening about radio and television personality, Petey Greene. I was taken back watching the scenes of what occurred when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. I would have been almost ten years old at the time and I don't remember anything about the shooting. I have very clear memories of President Kennedy's funeral five years earlier, so I know it wasn't a matter of not remembering something at that age. It made me wonder what the worst form of bigotry is - looking down on someone or simply pretending they don't exist.

Beat of a Different Drum

Submitted by Tomplum

I wish that the beat of the war drum would fall on deaf ears
We can choose to live in isolation from other countries
Shut our borders
Build our goods
Teach our children
Care for our own

I wish that the beat of the war drum would fall on caring ears
Your portfolio and mine need both of us to prosper
Your portfolio and mine need most of us to prosper
Short sell we short ourselves
Teach the world's children
Care for our own