Rain gardens

What's a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is built to hold and drain the water off of your roof and driveway. The plants in the garden are chosen because they can stand to have wet feet during rainy periods but are drought tolerant the rest of the year.


Composting, that magical process of turning waste from the yard into wonderful soil building, plant nurturing compost. The challenge is getting the "mix" just right. The goal of this article is to give you the nuts and bolts of composting.

What you'll need

The end of an era

We lost two neighbors today. They were two large old cherry trees that stood over our back fence. I've sworn at those trees many times when the birds dropped their messy fruit all over my yard. The neighbor has tried to contain the trees over the years by pruning, but that only served to make them rather grotesque in shape.

A hummingbird good morning

This morning I was in the kitchen standing at the sink when suddenly a hummingbird flew right up the window and stopped in front of me. It stayed for only a moment and then moved on. I smiled and wondered what made that hummingbird stop and say good morning.

Over the last two years, I have added a number of plants to my yard that provide nectar for hummingbirds. But they aren't in bloom. With the cold weather we've had, everything is pretty sorry looking at the moment. I guess I'd have to say, it was simply a thank you for all my efforts.