Nothing is ever lost in God

I was recently reminded of an event that happened a number of years ago...

I was a single mom at the time and both my washing machine and my car were broken down. One Sunday we had a guest speaker at church by the name of Barbara King. Reverend King was from Atlanta Georgia, stood well over six feet tall and had a powerful presence. She involved the congregation in her sermon and one of the phrases she had us repeat was, "Nothing is ever lost in God."

That afternoon we went to the laundromat to do our laundry. When we finished, we hauled everything to the car and headed home. We arrived home and I started looking for my purse with the house keys but it was no where. Feeling panicked, we got back in the car and headed back to the laundromat.

On the way, I remembered Rev. King's sermon and started repeating, "Nothing is ever lost in God. Nothing is ever lost in God." We arrived back at the laundromat, went inside and my purse wasn't there. We got back in the car and taking a deep breath I repeated, "Nothing is ever lost in God."

As we were pulling through the parking lot another car pulled up beside us and asked if we were looking for something. I told them I was looking for my purse. Excitedly they told me they had my purse. They had been at the pizza parlor next door and came out to find my purse with the contents strewn all over the ground. I had apparently left my purse sitting on top of the car. And, Rev. King was correct, nothing was lost.

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