Make it homemade

Choose a food item you would normally purchase and make it from scratch. It could be something as simple as a cake or cookies or something as seemingly complex as making bread. Reconnecting with how our food is made can be very empowering. We come to understand what is in our food and what it takes to make it a reality.

Homemade food is also much more tasty once we get the hang of it. I started making homemade bread a few months ago. We ate a few slices off of the first loaf when it was warm and the rest ended up as bread crumbs for stuffing.

After that first odd batch, I found a great YouTube video called The Magic of Making Bread. The creator of the video has a great sense of humor and somehow reminded me of my Grandmother. Slowly my skill began to improve.

Now I make most of our bread. And, I've played with other kinds of bread and am always on the lookout for recipes. I like knowing what goes into the bread and knowing I can make my own. And, feeling connected to my Grandmother who has been deceased for almost ten years was an unexpected blessing of returning to this lost family art.

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