Hummingbird at rest

I sit this morning watching a hummingbird in the bed just off the patio. Last year at this time, I was working madly to create a food forest. I started by spacing out fruit and nut trees in our suburban backyard and then creating lasagna layered beds around the trees to put in berries, herbs and flowers to attract beneficial and native species.

Now I watch the hummingbird taking a break from his flight to sit on the branch of a valerian in full bloom. Then there are two. I'm not sure if they are mates, mating or one warding the other away from its space. They dance in the air, sit a bit in the limb of the crabapple, take drinks from the penstemon, borage, and the nearby pots on the patio. Their interaction lasts only a few minutes and then one leaves and the other takes a seat on the back of one of our patio chairs. Again, taking a break.

Perhaps, I too need to take breaks and just feel the sun on my back and the breeze on my cheek in amongst the labors of the day. Our culture doesn't really seem to encourage that luxury. Or is it simply my mind that doesn't allow me to wander into relaxation. Ah, but perhaps the hummingbirds will teach me something today.

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