Focus Begets Progress

Surviving Suicide

This newsletter is long overdue. The delay has been a combination of technical difficulties and a lack of focus. I'm what they call a multi-passionate woman. The challenge--it's easy to get distracted and hard to stay focused.

Earlier this year I decided it was time to get some things done. I chose two top priorities. That's it. Anything else that came along and called my attention got shut down. Having a clear focus worked.

On September 8th, I released my book, Surviving Suicide. It's a compilation of poetry from the last year related to my son's death by suicide. To say it's been a challenging journey is an understatement. I have grown in many ways and crossed many hurdles.

The early feedback has been positive. It helps to be able to reach out to others who have been affected by depression and suicide.

My second priority was an herb garden. We moved into this property a little over two years ago. I brought lots of my herb babies with me in pots. Jason's death slowed my progress, and I lost many of the herb babies as well as my son.

During the writing and self-publishing of the book, my release has been working on the new herb garden. It has required a whole set of steps to get to planting. We've done some work on the house, regraded the area and are in the process of putting in a walkway and patio. Then I can start preparing the soil. Soon, I should be able to start planting. With my new ability to stay focused, I'll get there.

You can find out more about the book here.

And, if you want to get something done--choose a focus and commit. Whenever something else comes along, say no thank you. It works!

Love and blessings,