Drench your body in lotion

Today, I made "Rosemary's Face Cream". The general recipe is pretty famous in herbal circles because it is so wonderful. I recently saw a video on HerbMentor.com by Rosemary Gladstar showing how to make this great cream. I had made it before but it was interesting to see her approach.

One of the things she talked about was cleaning up after making the cream. She said she takes the extra cream that is in the blender or bowl and rubs it all over and sometimes in her hair. So, today, when I was finished making lotion I did just that. It was wonderful fun and I highly recommend drenching your whole body, hair included, in lotion.

Now I have to say I have thick, coarse hair that really drinks up moisturizers. I know the hair part wouldn't work for everyone and if your hair tends to be oily, I would avoid that part. But the rest is a wonderful way to nourish yourself, especially if you are brave enough to try making some lotion or cream yourself.

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