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These Things I Hold True

These things I hold true-
The sun will rise every day
Family comes first
All. Life. is Sacred.
Absolute honesty is best
Life is a journey
Some things will break you
you can be put back together again
but you'll be different than before
Spirituality is not a religion
it is a way of living
put love first
be kind, not right
be present
do what is right in front of you to be done
if you think you know the answer, think again
Loving another human being takes work
it's not all sweet songs and fireworks
it's daily attention
it's giving all the time
and it's receiving
it's a willingness to be burned,
to be forged
in the fire of the loving
You can never replace a child
they will live on in your heart forever
still as alive as the last time you saw them
Sometimes you have to kick ass
you have to say the hard things
you have to get tough
quit being polite
don't worry whether they'll still love you
say what you need to say
and see where it leads
Not everyone sees life the way you do
Treat others with respect
Allow them their own opinions
Take care of yourself
no one else will do it for you
it's okay to take time out for you
give yourself the gift of appreciation
look at your strengths, daily
be honest about your failings
but don't make them the focus of your living
And, all things are negotiable
as soon as you are certain about your beliefs
Life will come along and teach you differently
Peace out

Wild Heart

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