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The Journey Begins

I went for a walk this morning along the Columbia River. I haven't been down there since last winter when we went to gather cottonwood buds. I can't believe I haven't made it a habit to take walks there. There is so much to see and hear.

As I walked I thought about the journey I've been on in the last four years of learning about herbs and connecting with nature. I realize how disconnected I used to be and the progress I've made. It was very satisfying to look along the pathway and see the spent flower heads of dock and plantain and know what the plants were without even digging down to find the leaves. Four years ago, I wouldn't even have noticed the plants along the pathway. It would have just been a green carpet on the earth. Today, there are friends along that trail that I have worked with to help maintain my family's health.

The purpose of the site is to help document what I'm learning about health and wholeness, and to hopefully help leave some footprints pointing others in a similar direction. I believe it is vitally important we learn how to care for our own health and rely less on the machinery of our healthcare system. That system certainly has a place when it comes to traumatic injury and life threatening diseases. Unfortunately, we have lost the ability to take care of the common simple complaints like colds, the flu or minor injuries.

Over time, I'll cover my favorite herbs, recipes, resources and simple steps we can all take to improve our health.

Bright blessings,