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Gardening to relieve stress

I was out in the garden today pulling weeds and placing mulch around the flowers in my shade garden when the sound of guitar came floating over the fence. Our neighbor was playing these gentle melodies, perhaps to pass the time away or maybe to relieve the stress of his day.

I started thinking about what I do to relieve stress. Certainly pulling weeds, digging in the dirt and creating beauty is one way for me to drain the tensions of the week away. This week has been especially stressful and I noted at the end of the day that my focus was on the need to create some order in my backyard that I hadn't been able to create in my work life. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have a constructive way to eliminate stress and bring myself back to center. And, I feel for those who don't have the tools to turn the mounting tension into something positive. To them, I offer a prayer for strength and peace.