Victoria Polmatier, Writer and Poet

Victoria Polmatier, Writer and Poet

Victoria Polmatier writes about the intersection between connecting with nature, the inherent pain of being human, and finding the sacred every day.

She believes there is light and goodness to be found within the darkness if we allow ourselves to find it. She came to this belief as she worked through her own pain of loss and change. We can all rise above the pain.

Victoria wrote and published a book of poetry, Surviving Suicide: One Mother's Journey to Acceptance After Her Son's Death. She has been a blogger since 2006 and the body of her work is here on this site.

Victoria works with her husband in their business and in her spare time can be found in the garden or wandering near the woods, listening to the birds or watching the deer.

"I hope you find inspiration and consolation and perhaps a bit of humor in the words here ."

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