Victoria Polmatier

Writer, poet, herbalist, gardener, alchemist

Victoria Polmatier

What do others say?

  • I love your heart! You have a big one! You love, care, forgive, are available to friends and family.
  • Earthiness - your love of plants, animals, the environment.
  • Passion for healing using herbs, touch and other resources in the natural world.
  • Honest, you'll always tell the truth even if it's not what I want to hear.
  • Wise, I come to you because you guide me in the right direction without telling me what to do.
  • You care enough to want to make changes in this world.

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Why write?

Writing is my lifeline, it helps to ground me so I can find clarity.
Writing is my art, it allows me to fashion something of beauty, even if from the darkness.
Writing is a way to love me, to touch others and to be touched.
Writing is my voice in the world, my way to make a difference.

Where can I find your writing?

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