The Wisdom of Age

My dear love
Life is short
and the value is in the loving
Cherish every moment
how much love can you see right here and now
Live a life you can feel good about
one where you know you made a difference
where you gave your best
When you look back
it will be the overall essence
not the doing and tasking that remains
As you age
grief will become your constant companion
like an old pair of shoes
the ones you loved in the beginning
wore everywhere
but now don't quite fit right
but you can't let go
Life shifts and changes
the things that once seemed so critical
are now seen to be fleeting
this too shall pass
Look people in the eye
look beyond the surface
and bask in the soul beyond
Don't forget to hold your loved ones near
caress their faces with tenderness
hug them close and always
tell them you love them
In the end that is all that remains
Memories are fleeting and unreliable
But the essence of the loving -
that lives on into eternity