What or Who Do You Need to Forgive To Be Free

Only myself
I've been blessed 
by the action of forgiveness 
I sat with my Grandmother
as she lay dying
In the quiet of the room
I experienced the grace
of forgiveness
for wrongs done
in my family of origin
Later, I found forgiveness
of the betrayal 
of one family member
to another
that left our lives
torn asunder
But to forgive myself
is a long and arduous journey
So many little moments
come to the forefront of my mind
stupid little things really
that affected the quality of life
of those around me
why they were important
I have no idea
But I'm aware now 
of the uselessness
in the grand scheme of things
Death has a way
of forcing a review
even when it's not my own
I have been humbled by Life
I find forgiveness in each day
by simple measures taken
to love another
to make life better
for those around me
It's a moment by moment choosing
of what's kind and simple and loving
Perhaps in time
I will find the grace
to forgive myself

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