What If You Stopped

Image of a bench in a park

Photo by Jason Williard (1983-2016); used with permission

What if you stopped
all the whirling and dervishing
What if you quit
the worrying and the caretaking
What if you just sat still
allowed in the silence
basked in the quiet
Would you be able to take it in
Would you need to run
get up and do
make a list
tackle it
go, go, go
until you fall
into bed
What if you let go
of all the expectations
you hold in your mind
about how others
believe you should behave
Did you know
it might not be real
They might not care
They may wish
you'd just stop
you'd allow space
in your overly busy life
But what of the voices
they swirl, demanding more
Do you hear them
when you stop
Do they creep in
like a vining thing
wrapping you with their clinging
telling you you're not enough
you have no value
except for all the things you do
Tell them to STOP
Today is for peace only
Today, I rest
care for myself
sink into the quiet
allow my breath to deepen
my shoulders to relax
the tears to come if needed
the anger to drip from your fingers
leaving me cleansed
to just be