What Does Healing Look Like

Image of statue holding rose petals

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

Healing looks like
making connections
between the past and
current behavior

Healing looks like
I'm a people pleaser 
and how pervasive that is

Healing looks like
finding I don't take compliments well
and learning to say thank you
and mean it
take it all in
breathe deep into the discomfort
and say, "yes," I can accept that

Healing looks like
finding my way
to a deeper experience
of loving those around me

Healing looks like
finding my own value
I have something to offer
into the world

Healing looks like
feeling really connected
to those close to me
coming together as equals
wanting to spend time with them
yearning to feel more
of who they are

Healing looks like
turning the focus
from my own journey
to the world around me
finding footing for engaging

Healing looks like
keeping a place in my heart
for the grief and pain of the past

Healing looks like
being okay 
when the day
turns out differently 
than I had planned

Healing looks like
the full range of emotions
that life presents
flowing up and down
in and out
I won't get stuck there

Healing feels like
being grown up

Wild Heart