What are Your Superpowers?

This is how I see it today -
I was once told
I am the sand in the oyster 
that makes the pearl
I see it as simply pushing 
for what I see as right -
and that can make
others uncomfortable
I can guide and encourage 
and kick butt when needed
I do what needs to be done
whether it's easy or not
I am a lioness for my family
bottom line -
don't fuck with them.
I learn fast and solve problems
I'm creative -
molding earth or plants or words
I find the Divine all around me
in a sunrise or sunset
in a bee flitting between flowers
in the soft summer breeze kissing my cheek
in the hand held and the heart touched
I exhibit uneasy grace under fire
I can find humor 
in the oddest places
and have an infectious laugh
I am loving and compassionate
and offer a safe oasis
and a listening ear
and, I am me
take it or leave it
I won't apologize
for who or what I am

Wild Heart