Image of broken bluebird knick-knack
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Message from beyond or coincidence

Visitations -
those moments
when loved ones
who have passed
make their presence known

A balloon landing in a tree says
"I Miss You Mom"

A timer goes crazy
spinning and beeping
in the middle
of a family dinner

A knick-knack
falls to the floor
random, sudden
like taking a dive

What do they all mean?
Do we make them up?
Or are they really there
telling us, we are loved,
we have work to do,
something needs our attention.

Messages from beyond -
a reminder
life isn't as simple as we believe,
there is more
to this human experience
than we know
Our loved ones
are right there
All we have to do
is accept

This morning while we were making breakfast, a knick-knack of my mom's fell off of a shelf. We looked back through some video clips from our security system, and we could see it. We were busy moving back and forth, but no one was near the shelf. Then suddenly, the bird dives.

Logic tells me it was too close to the edge, and the vibration of our getting breakfast on the table caused the knick-knack to fall. But why this morning? I know our family. We've had other moments too mysterious to pass off as mere coincidence. I suspect Mom has a message for me.

It likely has to do with my writing and a project she insisted I take on in her last months. I've done bits, and I know there's more. It's hard work, going back through her final months. I'll get there, Mom.

Or perhaps it's a message about broken promises such as the one my dad gave to my mom. Maybe that's the name of the book.

Meanwhile, I appreciate the visitation. We laughed and picked up the bird. It is special. One my dad gave to my mom when they were dating. It's one of the only things I have from their courtship.

Fortunately, it's nothing a little glue won't fix. The patch to remind me of Mom's visit before breakfast this morning.

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