A View From the Past Garden

Garden sceneDrifting into the past,
thinking about our last home
and the lovely gardens.
I remember saying goodbye
to the garden as we prepared
to leave for the last time.
I remember the tears
of farewell to the garden -
a place of labor and joy
and a respite from the world.
And, then I remember
the tears of farewell
I continue to cry for my son
and the tears start to flow.
That home was where
I'd raised my children
for their middle school
and high school years.
It's where I'd sent them off
into the world to
create their own lives
Looking back on saying
goodbye to the garden
is like a window in time
a window before Jason's death
and the pain since.
I had no idea as we set off
on our new home adventure
of what was to come.
A strange set of emotions
to mix in my mind.

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