Bumble Bee on Valerian “We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit.”
—Audre Lorde

I've not always been tender
with those around me.
I have a big voice and
it's been used far too much
in anger at my family.
I once heard Wayne Dyer say,
"be right or be kind."
I started.
It took many years
to move my voice from too much rage
to more kindness.
My children are long grown,
In moments
I still see the seeds
of that big voice.
Moving from right to kind
has been a long journey.
Now from kind to tender?
Seems like a whole
other path.

Tenderness -
the caress of a loved ones hands.
The way the breeze touches the cheek
on a hot summer's day..
Taking the time to help another
with no judgment
only love and kindness.
The way a bee or butterfly lands
on a beckoning flower.
Treating another as though
they were the most precious object
in the world,
because they are.
Sweet, soft kisses.
The look of unconditional love
when I look in my puppy's eyes.
Yes, its another journey.
It will likely take the rest of my life
to learn all I can

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