Life Lessons


I've been on a winter hiatus. My natural rhythm is to go within during the winter. This year has found me especially prone to disappearing. Rather than binge-watching a series on Netflix or another wonder of visual pleasure, I've gone on a binge-reading affair.

Pain, Joy, Living

Rainy day

Deep in my joints
aching with use
waking with sharpness
tingling in fingers
cramping in the belly
constant or wavering
physical pain
is my companion.
Tears in my heart
old and new
weighing me down
stealing my aliveness
being my home.
Some days the joy
life or love
come bubbling up
and pain subsides
the blue of the sky
the warmth of the sun
bringing forth
the life within.
But today
the weight of the rain
falls heavily on my soul

Life Lessons


Dear Reader,

I have a confession to make. I come, and I go. I share and then disappear. Sometimes, I wonder if it's all worth it.

You see, I struggle with what seems are inner demons - those voices inside telling me I'm bad, useless, a failure. Hmmm, that's not even accurate.


Hillside in Seaside Oregon

in every moment, choices.
Right, left,
up, down,
forwards, backwards.
Choose time with loved ones
or screen time.
Choose the healthy food
or that yummy treat

Life Lessons