Surrendering to nature

How long has humankind spent trying to control and manipulate nature? I like to think I am learning to live more in tune with nature but I'm discovering how far I have to go.

Last summer we had a bee swarm fly through our yard. I had already been thinking I would love to have some kind of hive in our yard for pollination purposes and for honey. So, last fall I took a class on beekeeping and we started researching beehives. We stumbled on Warre' hives and decided to build one. My other half not only built one, but actually built four. The theory being we could sell any we did not use. I was on a list from the class I took to go gather swarms and did receive a few calls this spring. For one reason or another none of the calls resulted in a swarm for us to take home.

Now it's the middle of July and too late for us to fill our hives. We also have been unsuccessfull at selling any of the them. So, here we sit with four Warre' hives on our hands and no honeybees. The funny part is we have no shortage of bees. We have several varieties of bumble bees as well as a few honeybees and wasps of many shapes and sizes. We also have lots of other little native bees and our yard and garden seem to be flourishing and productive. Today I picked strawberries, raspberries, zucchini, beans, broccoli, and a lone asparagus. I marveled at the number of grapes on our grape plants and the many raspberries yet to come.

I know I still need to use some "control" of the garden or the bindweed, Canadian thistle and other noxious weeds might take over. But, there's something to be said for surrendering some of our need to control and allowing nature to have it's way with us. Now, to figure out what I want to turn these veggies into for lunch.

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