Surrender to Grief

What happens when a life is filled with death
when the blanket of grief lays over our days
when the sun no longer shines
and the waters flow continuously

What happens when we surrender
sleep when sleep wants to come
quit trying to force it into a container
move when we want to move
stop the incessant need to produce

cease the endless struggle
slip slowly into slumber
sit silently in surrender
sing songs of celebration

in the silence we find comfort
in the surrender, we are held
in the opening
love finds us again

Photo note: Last summer, as we prepared to move my mother in with us, I gathered starts of her peony garden. This peony was one we bought her for Mother's Day one year and it took years to bloom in her garden. This year, in my garden, it is the one and only of those starts to bloom. A sweet hello from beyond.

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