Stillness at Sunset

I feel this desire for stillness today. I had difficulty sitting in meditation and yet here I am at the computer and can almost slip off into that quiet meditative state. How does one find stillness in a life-filled day? Moments. That's my only answer. 

I think of the places in my life I have found stillness or quiet when I most needed it. When I worked for a large credit union, I would take my break outside, walking around the building. It was a few moments of solitude in a long busy day. 

My other favorite trick I still use is to disappear into the bathroom. Take care of business and then pause for just a moment to gather myself before heading back to the responsibilities of the day.

I thrive on being alone, on time in stillness. I can't always have as much as I want. But I can create moments where I capture just a moment of solitude.

Happy Wednesday,

Photo credit: Jason Williard (1983-2016)

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