Step Into the Light

Photo of bridge
Photo by Jason Williard (1981-2016); used by permission.

we can build walls
or we can build bridges
we can withhold
or we can surrender
we can step into the light
or we can hide in the darkness
each day carries choice
what kind of life do we want

i can hear the thunder
the feet pounding on the ground
I can't
I won't
not now, not ever
surrender into life
build a bridge to that
let go of this thing
it is all that holds me together

but what if
what if we let down our guard
what if we accept another
as having good intentions
what if we give up
the weight of all this stuff
we are carrying with us
lighten our load
walk up to a fire
and drop it into the flames
let it burn to ashes
scatter the ashes in the wind
let them fertilize
a new life
one in which
we build bridges
surrender and
step into the light

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