Spring's Urging

I'm trying to move,
sadness continues to be
my constant companion.
My mind is a constant swirl.
I can feel the stirring of spring.
I can feel the pressure
of tasks long left undone.
I no longer want to just curl up
in front of the fire,
or stay in my cave
and ignore the rest of the world.
But I also don't seem to have
any forward moving energy.
So, I'm just letting it be,
finding one thing
that calls me in the moment.
Baby steps, I believe they call it,
steps into the now.
It seems crazy
to keep list of lists of lists
but somehow
it makes all this doing nothing
be okay.
Things won't get lost
or people forgotten.
But soon,
I have to move.
Spring will be upon us,
the busy time for work,
the busy time for garden
and plants and nature.
I'm counting on
that stirring of spring,
the quickening of nature
within my own being
to burst through
this cloud of sadness
and carry me back
to life again.

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