Spring waiting

Spring apple blossomsWrite.
Whatever comes to mind -
birds singing
rain falling
puddles getting ever deeper
fresh green leaves
new clothing for trees
blossoms bursting forth
spring is in the air
rain, rain, rain
so much rain
It's all part of the
experience right now.
My body aches
from yesterday's projects.
My mind is a blur,
no clarity to be found.
My eyes
just want
to go
to sleep.
Like it's winter.
But instead,
I raise my head
and write.
I am in a still point.
Life bursting everywhere
Me, just still.
Like sitting on top of that pole,
watching the world below me
the gecko wandering along a log.
teammates waiting expectantly
Stillness, waiting
not wanting to take that next step.
What step?
I don't know.
Just waiting.

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