Spring Into Action

Several years ago I participated in a personal growth retreat. The retreat consisted of exercises, some in groups and others individually oriented. During one of the group exercises, we were given a map, several tools and told to head out and setup camp when we arrived. The group I was in spent considerable time planning how we were going to arrive at the appropriate location. The other groups were long gone before we finally decided we should quit planning and start moving.

I thought of that event this morning when I thought of the time I have spent "preparing" for my massage business. I spent many hours preparing the room, our home, the front yard, whatever else came to mind. Then, I've spent countless hours working on the website, optimizing for search engines and trying to convey my message in the best possible way. When I thought of the event and the time spent planning rather than moving, I knew it was time to quit "preparing" and start doing.

It is easy to spend time nurturing our ideas, turning them over in our minds and plotting how to best implement them. Eventually we have to take action, plant the idea and allow it to grow and blossom. With the spring equinox yesterday, it seems an appropriate time to move forward. I'd like to encourage others to take action on your dreams, however small or grand. The season is upon us to plant seeds and watch them sprout and show their loveliness.

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