So what is a "Labor of Love" anyhow?

Submitted by Tomplum

Apparently, perception is everything. No, scratch that. Apparently how we arrive at perception is really . . .. . . Maybe if you read on, I will have completed the sentence.

At the tip of a small internal struggle is how my perception of things motivate me. I say small struggle as I'm sure what I see above the surface is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

Today my dilemma is a home improvement project that has come to us out of necessity. Our water supply line seems to have developed a small leak. "Small leak" is relative to how much volume one of these puppies can leak. None the less, the leak must be fixed. The trench is 3/4 of the way dug, the hole is started on both ends. So where's my motivation?

I can tell you the first latte of the morning is going down real slow.
I do garden art projects from time to time and it is understandable that sometimes the creative juices just don't flow. You put it down, you come back when you and it are ready and life moves on. The more creative home improvements seem to go the same way. Plan plan plan, gather gather, work, change, tweak and voila! presto change-o you've created a masterpiece.

But what about these less than creative projects? What is the fun in putting your best foot forward and just getting the work done? Maybe it's that nasty "W" word itself-or my perception of the word "work". In my real job, I don't even call that work as it is a labor of love.
As my typing goes on, I can see that I am not solving my immediate plumbing problem nor am I really answering how do I feel my perceptions of things affect their effect on my world. We'll see how I do on that in future posts. I've heard it said that ditch diggers have some of the deepest thoughts- haven't you?

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