Path to My Wild Heart

To find me, take the path along the creek on the south side of the road you travel. You'll have to seek out the path. It goes through a patch of brambles of fear and doubt and self-hatred. Sometimes, the path seems completely hidden by brambles. 

One can search high and low, up and down the road and still be unable to find the path. But if you are persistent, you will find the opening. Slip through, claw your way through those brambles, fighting them back. On the other side, a trail follows the creek. It will sing it's song to you, teaching you about yourself and about life. You might find me sitting beside the creek, toes dipping in the sweet water, taking a brief respite.

Follow the trail deeper. If you are lucky, you will open into a beautiful meadow filled with life. Peace prevails there. It's the clearing where you'll know yourself to your very core. You'll know your life's purpose. All will be clear. This meadow is surrounded by woods. 

Those woods sing a tempting song luring you away from the peace of the meadow. In the woods, you can wander for days, weeks, years. You'll hear other's songs. Temptation at every corner, a constant cacophony. Someday, you'll remember the meadow and you'll try to find it. But it's only at special times and with great effort, you find the magic and beauty of the meadow. 

When you arrive back there, remember it's special qualities. Remember your special qualities. It will require an effort on your part to stay in the meadow and ignore the woods or not follow the trail back into the brambles. Spend quiet time in deep meditation, move your body around the meadow, listening to its stories. This is home.

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