My Wild Heart

Beauty of the Wild

I've been participating in Jeanette LeBlanc's "30 Questions to Bring You Closer to Your Wild Heart" writing class. This afternoon, contemplating the journey so far, this erupted through the grief and seeming writer's block I've been challenged by.

I am not too much
I do not feel too deeply
I do not grieve too hard
I may overwhelm you
with the depth of being
because I require
you to dig deeper
within yourself
to be with me
but I am not too much
I am not too much
I am not too domineering
I cannot help
if you are a wuss.
I know, not a kind word but
grow a pair
stand up and meet me
eye to eye,
one on one
soul to soul
I am not too much
I am not too much
I do not share too much
I may be an open book
I share my heart and soul
my love and joy
my pain and sorrow
so you can know
the vast array of emotions
Together we can journey
the far reaches of the universe
if you are but willing
to open and feel
Allow your wild, free self
the one who you were
when you were born
the one who didn't think
you could be too much for others
the one who didn't know of rules
the one who lived freely
feeling the sun upon your bare skin
laughing with glee at the antics of nature
hanging your toes in the water
or jumping with wild abandon
into a water puddle
Be free, let yourself feel
let yourself explode
in rapturous joy
Welcome to Life on the Wild Side.

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