My Sacred Journey

stories told about my conception
lies and deception
a light hidden
a false foundation

mommy goes to school
no daddy to fill the gaps
too many goodbyes and tear streaked cheeks
grandma and grandpa left holding hands

body violated
too young to understand
boundaries ruptured
innocence stolen

finally an adult

family members' attempted suicides
bring fear of loss
inadequacies revealed
powerless to change

the day of the arrest
confirmed intuitions
world rocked
reignited old fears

wrapped in numbness
walking in a nightmare
brought to my knees
worlds colliding
losing grip on the edge

clawing my way out of the hole
learning to rely on nature
worlds revealed in the plants
balm of the garden

my medicine journey
spoken word, sharing bits of wisdom
helping to heal hearts and souls
leading one to consider the sacred in life

hands, soothing pain and sore muscles
healing hearts through their loving touch
until they could no longer bear the pain

herbal medicine, a balm, an elixir or a tea
to soothe a sore throat or
lessen the pain of a scraped knee

now, using the written word
healing hearts
finding the sacred in all of life
soothing pain
whether through
an encouraging thought
a recipe or
journey into the depths to clear out the debris

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