Mr. Kitty's Freedom

Mr. Kitty

It's a beautiful summer's evening.
I guess, more accurately,
it's spring, but the warmth in the air
makes it feel like summer.
Tom's music is playing
in the background.
Chickens are running around
nibbling here and there.
Mr. Kitty wanders
down the lane,
going who knows where.
Mr. Kitty was Jason's cat.
He spent the first eight years
of his life as an apartment cat,
safe and secure,
viewing the world from the comfort
of his fifth floor deck.
Once Jason's life started to unravel,
he and Mr. Kitty came to stay with us.
After Jason's suicide,
we made the decision -
Mr. Kitty would get the same freedom
as or other cat, Nelson.
I'm sure there are those
who would say we are irresponsible.
You see, we live in the woods
surrounded by wild things like
coyotes, bobcats, fox, and racoon.
But watching Mr. Kitty
tripping down the lane
or pouncing in the tall grass
in search of a mouse,
I'm not so sure.
As a parent,
you do everything in your power
to protect your children.
But in the end,
it's not in your hands.
They get to make their decisions.
I watched as Jason made his.
I knew the risks -
he'd tried it before.
So now, we allow Mr. Kitty his freedom
because if there's anything I've learned
I can't protect him from whatever Life holds.

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