Morning Visitors

Deer in front of treesA couple poems inspired by our visitors this morning...

Morning Visitors
Sitting down to breakfast
when off in the distance
Tom spies a deer.
We watch as it crosses
into our backyard.
I grab my phone
and head quietly
out the front door.
This image -
two of the three deer
who crossed.
They moved down
across the yard
into the meadow below,
two of them
breaking into a frolic
heading down the hill.
Not sure
if they were spooked
by my presence
or just having
some morning fun.
I wrote yesterday
about tenderness.
No better reminder
than this deer visit.
It's a good day
to be tender, gentle
with one another.

Feeling Blessed
I am so blessed
to live where nature
is truly
right outside our door.
Deer, and bobcat and
bear and coyote.
I still feel and hear
the city nearby,
but I can also sit
and hear the creek
down the hill.
Hawk, and raven and jay
hummingbirds galore.
And trees! So many trees.
I love the giant firs
and the many cedar
and the fun variety
the owners before us
seeded this land with.
But the sun still shines
on our little piece
of grace.
© Victoria Bray, April 1, 2016