Magic Carpet Ride

I met a new friend one day
seemed no one else could spy.
She was small like an elf child
with a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

She moved her finger in invitation
and ran off down the street.
I followed her close behind
not knowing who we'd meet.

We came upon a willow tree
and up the tree she flew.
I moved with hesitation,
not having any clue.

We climbed higher and higher
right on out of that tree.
There were clouds all around us
as far as the eye could see.

Onto a magic carpet
we climbed for a ride.
She let out a gleeful laugh
and I was right by her side.

We wandered over a magical land
with strange shapes and colors below.
My mind was reeling
wondering where on earth we'd go.

Then with the snap of her fingers
we landed on a slide.
She rubbed her hands upon it
and softly we fell inside.

I awoke with a start
no magical friend nearby.
Apparently I'd had a fantastic dream,
so lets just say goodbye.