A Love Letter

You are beautiful
your soul shines through your eyes
lighting the world around you
You care
with tenderness and humor 
and a wee bit of nudging
You take on more
don't sell yourself short
Your eyes are pools
of kindness and love
and that deep spirit
radiating into the world around you
You are smart
but never make others feel dumb
You have held on 
through the storms
being a pillar 
for those around you 
to cling to
You've held the family 
in the palm of your sweet hands
the keeper of the flame
the sweet guide leading forward
You've shown your vulnerability
your pain and your grief
your brokenness and 
putting it back together again
letting others know 
it's okay to stumble
it's okay to struggle
it's okay to survive
and grow and become
You are wisdom, honor
compassion and creativity
You are light and love
and a soft place to snuggle into
You are fierce and protective
embracing your own
You are filled with lightness 
even in the darkest moments of life
You are home
You are love

Wild Heart