Living Questions

Living questions
they are like 
agreeing to disagree
those questions
with no answers
you decide to let lie
Why did he do it?
How did we get there?
Could I have anything differently?
Which thing?
Why did they hate me so much
as to want to destroy my career?
Where did this stone originate?
Why do I feel unworthy,
at times?
How do I heal this pain
in my heart and soul?
What is the secret
to a life well lived?
How do I impart my knowing
into someone else's mind?
How do I find peace of mind?
How do I stop the chattering
that steals that peace?
How can I love more?
How do I heal the wounds
left by the hands of another?
How many blessings
can I count in this day?
How do I stay present
at this very moment?
How do I let go?
So many questions
letting go into answers.

Wild Heart