Life Wins

Image of a rainy dayIt's a dreary rainy day.
My heart is pounding.
My eyes threaten to spill.
But, it's not the grief this time.
It's about me.
It's about the unknowing.
It's about the chaos I see in the world.
It's about my sense of helplessness.
it's about thinking there must be
Something, I can do.
For me, ranting and raving against
what I see as wrong, doesn't work.
That takes me to a very dark place.
I need positive action.
I need to be for something,
not against it.
I need to be creating.
Perhaps we can create faster
than they can destroy.
And, the seeds I plant now
(both literally and figuratively)
will continue to grow
long after the destroyers have passed.
In the end, Life wins.
The verdant Earth will reclaim her dominion.
I have to hold to that vision.
Or I will go mad.

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