Life made public

Old Faithful GeyserThe moment of panic,
the moment I realize
I've been baring my soul
and placing it out into the world.
Anyone could read what I write
and know me
better than most people
who are close to me.
It takes sheer will
to continue down this path.
I feel as though I'm
my way along in the darkness.
There aren't really any signposts,
only the need to keep moving forwards
clawing my way along
doing what I'm doing,
sharing what I'm sharing,
and wait to see where it leads.




What am I doing
telling you the things I do?
There's this whole world inside my head,
it's rambled there for the last 57 years.
And now I'm starting to write it down,
I'm starting to let it erupt from within.
There's a lot buried,
secrets, and stories, and thoughts.
I could write non-stop
and likely not find the bottom
before I die.
But what's the purpose of sharing
the worlds swirling inside?
Hopefully it touches another
and makes their journey
in this crazy world
a bit