A letter to my Mother

Dear Mom,

Over the holidays you said something about discovering in your old age that you weren't a good mother. I wouldn't say that you were a bad mother, life was just complicated at times. Being a parent is about doing the very best we know how in the moment. I will say, no matter what was going on, I always knew that you loved me.

But, I have to ask, what kind of child am I. I'm not perfect either. I'm not always respectful and often wear my frustrations on my sleeve when you're around. I suspect it's because I have this little world I have built and when someone comes into it, the balance shifts. You'd think at age 49 I would be more graceful, but I'm not always.

Life seems to be this ebb and flow. We have times together that are truly special and then there are times where we seem to clash. Perhaps that's the lot of mothers and daughters, perhaps it is just our relationship. No matter, what is important is the love we do share and the ability to grow and improve. I love you and I look forward to the remainder of our lives as we learn to be more graceful and more tender with one another.

Love, Your Daughter

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