It's the end

It's the end
the story is over.
There will be no more worry.
There will be no more angst.
I'm sorry you couldn't find another way.
I'm sorry life got so hard.
I'm sorry you couldn't see beyond tomorrow.
I'm sorry to let you go.
I'll miss your sense of humor.
I'll miss your amazing photos.
I'll miss watching you finish our garden path.
I'll miss your playful spirit.
I'll miss your tender soul.
I'll miss my son.
I'm proud to have been your Mom.
I'm proud of the man you were.
I'd take another day of worry
just to see your smiling face again.
I'd take a lifetime of struggles
if only that would bring you back home.
You lay there lifeless,
nothing more to be done now.
We'll have to find a way through
the pain and the darkness.
I have moments -
I know I'll see you
in every smiling face
of a beautiful flower.
I'll think of you
when I walk up that pathway.
Your pots of flowers will stand
for the bright shining star
I know you are.
You've burned a hole
in my heart
that will last forever.
Bright blessings and farewell
my beautiful son.

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