I believe I'm full

I believe I'm full
full to overflowing
can't take in any more
need to spit some out

there's too many things in my head
always dancing around
like too many plates in the air
they threaten to collide and come

... crashing

......... down

I must breathe
take a deep breath and release
release some of this tension
release some of these plates
but I love all my plates
which one would I send away
which one would I never get to admire again
how to find peace
when my mind keeps swirling around

It seems I alternate
between starving for more
and being overwhelmed by the moreness
I love reading others' posts
but then stress at the need to comment
find words to express the impact I've felt
it brings to the surface my feelings of less
will my comment be as meaningful
as the others already expressed

and what about the things I need to do
which ones win the day
working indoors or out
which of the hundred or so tasks
or should I just play

I haven't done this and I haven't done that
of which I've promised my time and attention to others
Oh, and what about planning that wedding
or painting the house
should I till the garden or mow the lawn
and what about the herbs I've run out of
or the new foods to make

meanwhile, the wind blows
and the sun gives us one more day
before the rains begin again
and the world floats away

and, sleep, what's that -
but this little visit inside my brain
may give you some idea
why sleep eludes me again

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