Honor your own value and uniqueness

I was reading through items on Craigslist last night and ran into a painting for sale by Dyrk Godby. That is a fairly unique name and I had to look it up because I went to high school with a Dyrk Godby. Turns out, it was the same guy. I remember him as a great boxer and knew that he had won a middleweight boxing championship. As I read about him, I learned of all the amazing things he has done in his life. He's been a champion rodeo man, a singer and songwriter and a talented painter.

It would be easy to read about this incredible person and feel small. I had to remind myself that even if I had done nothing famous, I have done many great things in my life as well. We are so prone to compare ourselves to the next person. The habit of making ourselves more or less than someone is really about not feeling good about who we are. The key is simply to honor the greatness in everyone. Look for it and identify it. You will find you magically feel better about yourself as well.

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