Honor your own inner wisdom

I have long denied my own inner wisdom when it comes to the people around me. I suspect it is related to some of the events in my early life where my boundaries were severely crossed. Whatever the reason, I spent many years attracting people into my life who crossed my boundaries, not so much physically, but mentally, spiritually and psychically.

A number of years ago, I completed a series of seminars through PSI Seminars. I learned to open up and trust others and I learned to honor my own inner wisdom. In the process, I became stronger in establishing boundaries and started attracting new people into my life.

Does it mean I never have to deal with those "old" people anymore? No, life doesn't work that way. I believe we get to periodically revisit those old lessons to make sure we are still firm in our new learning. What I can say is living life in trust and honoring my own inner wisdom has lead to a much more peaceful way of being. It is wonderful to be with people who I feel completely at ease with and who support who I am 100%. The tough journey of learning the value of setting limits and establishing strong boundaries has surprisingly led to freedom.

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