Ground Into Me

Image of a boat on the shore
Photo by Kace Rodriguiz on Unsplash

How do I find me?
So much worry
trying to match up
to some invisible idea
of who I should be,
who others want
rather than
There is this place
deep inside --
don't rock the boat,
be who they want,
it's how you get love
praise and connection.
It doesn't work.
It creates disconnection
with myself,
leaves me lost
like an empty boat
floating on the shore
unsure of its purpose.
How do I become
the person who I am,
chart my own course?
How do I
ground into me?

Image of shoes on feet
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

A grounding exercise.

Stop. Close your eyes for just a moment. Feel your feet. Really feel your feet. Feel them pressing into the earth, the floor, your shoes. Feel the weight of your feet. Stay until you can feel your body shift, just a little bit into relaxation.

Grounding is a great way to bring on relaxation. It might not take you all the way, but it should shift you just slightly-- or a lot. Bare feet on earth is fantastic but not always possible. The most significant point is the focus.

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